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Marver Med, Inc. Marver Med, Inc.
Marver Med, Inc.
At Marver Med, we specialize in microturning and precision turning of exotic alloys. Our precision CNC & Swiss machining enables us to maintain the accuracy of the most intricate parts, allowing our projects to be completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our capabilities range from prototype engineering to micro precision machining. We provide cleanroom packaging services within a controlled environment. Depending upon the customer's needs, our automated CNC Swiss machining department can handle a variety of jobs that require milling, drilling, turning and tapping with capacities ranging in machined diameters of .005" to 1-5/8".

Marver Med's complete services make us an exceptional source for dependable and consistent contract manufacturing.

CNC MACHINING (Computer Numerical Controlled)

CNC Machining is a beneficial form of machining since it reduces the risk of operator intervention and human error related to production. The basic functions of CNC machines are automatic, consistent and precise. Many of the CNC machines are able to produce precision components on a continuous basis. Marver Med's CNC machines offer accurate, predictable and consistent machining of various metal and plastics, enabling us to meet customer demands for expedited production both effectively and efficiently.

Marver Med, Inc.
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